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BFMV Report Shows Market Values for Used Medical Equipment Can Be Fairly Stable

The value of existing medical equipment is an important consideration in many hospital and physician practice transactions. BFMV has been observing online markets and recording resale offers and prices for medical equipment for years in order to help us form indications of value in our engagements. In February, BFMV released a fourth edition of these findings in the 2024 Benchmark Report on Pre-Owned Medical Equipment Prices. Now, in light of 4 years of published data, we’re able to analyze longitudinal trends and draw broader conclusions about used medical equipment values.

In our observation of the pre-owned medical equipment market, we’ve found that, based on resale numbers, many of these assets can hold and maintain values well above their book values for several years. While there are modest year-to-year fluctuations within the benchmarks, the value of these items has held relatively constant.

What does this mean from a valuation standpoint? It may be worth the time to perform a market approach on fixed assets, including furniture and equipment – as opposed to relying on the depreciated values on the balance sheet.

To illustrate this trend, we selected six items from the last four years of BFMV Benchmark Reports on Pre-Owned Medical Equipment Prices, as shown below.

The 25th, 50th, 75th, and 90th percentiles reflect at least 10 unique reported prices from online auctions and web listings. The 2024 report includes data for almost 1,500 models of pre-owned medical equipment. Benchmarks are sorted by category, manufacturer/brand, and model, making the report easy to use and saving countless research hours for appraisers, accountants, attorneys, equipment managers, and other professionals.

Data in the report reflect price information obtained from publicly available, published sources. Sources include, but are not limited to, online auctions, online and print equipment classifieds, and used medical equipment dealers. Price information reflects offers for sale, advertised prices, and actual reported sales prices for functional, pre-owned medical equipment being marketed to end users. Price information does not include reported shipping, tax, or transaction costs.

For more information about fixed asset appraisals or to purchase the 2024 BFMV Benchmark Report of Pre-Owned Medical Equipment Prices, visit our shop or contact us.


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