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Includes Excel-based data file

2023 BFMV Physician Call Coverage Burden & Compensation Survey

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Learn more about the survey with these samples from the 2023 Report:


Each year, BFMV surveys physicians to collect the most useful unrestricted call coverage burden and compensation data. 


Over the course of six months ending in June 2023, we received responses from over 1,300 physicians across a wide range of specialties, geographies, demographic settings, and employers. As a result of our direct-to-physician approach, we collect unique on-call burden and compensation information, much of which is unavailable from other survey resources, including the following:

  • Compensation (hourly and per 24-hour shift)

  • Weekend/holiday differentials

  • Days on-call per month

  • Average phone call volume per 24-hour shift

  • Required in-person response time

  • Average in-person visits per shift

  • Other opportunities to generate income (professional billings, activation fees, productivity credit)

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