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Study Shows Increased Rates for Physician Staffing Services

According to our review of current GSA price lists, the average cost of a locum tenens physician is approximately $1,700 per day compared to approximately $1,600 per day in 2016. This includes an 8-hour shift plus being on-call until the next shift begins. (Rates vary significantly based on physician specialty.) The $1,700 per diem does not include travel or lodging expenses.

These and many more findings are published in the 2018 Cost of Physician Staffing Services: Hourly Rates for On-Site Work and On-Call Coverage, which is available on here. (We would like to share the report with you. Send an email to if you would like a free copy.)

The study focuses on rates included in government contracts with 93 different physician staffing firms across the country. The data reflects 75 physician specialties and allied health positions and includes hourly rates for on-site services and hourly rates for after-hours on-call services and weekend on-call services. The summary below provides a nice overview; however, if you want the details, send us an email.

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