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Pandemic Hazard Pay for Physicians

The severity of infection and high incidence of COVID-19 transmission arguably qualify certain physicians for hazard pay during this epidemic. The US Department of Labor defines hazard pay as: Additional pay for performing hazardous duty or work involving physical hardship. Work duty that causes extreme physical discomfort and distress which is not adequately alleviated by protective devices is deemed to impose a physical hardship. Within a few weeks of the US emergence of COVID-19, government officials were advocating hazard pay for physicians and other healthcare workers. The House of Representatives passed the HEROES Act on May 15, 2020, approving $200 billion for physicians, nurses, firs

Merit Medical Whistleblower Settlement

Shortly after a 2016 qui tam lawsuit was made public in June 2020, Utah based Merit Medical Systems, Inc. announced it will pay $18 million in settlement to the Department of Justice over allegations of illegal kickbacks to doctors and other healthcare providers in 28 states. Merit Medical produces a wide array of disposable devices for radiology, oncology, cardiology, and critical care procedures. Included in the complaint were allegations that Merit paid physicians and other healthcare providers financial incentives in the form of luxurious trips and meals, excessive speaker fees, and inflated consultant retainers in return for product loyalty, referrals, and promotion of off-label use of

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