BuckheadFMV specializes in the valuation of healthcare businesses, services, and assets of all kinds. Our focus is on providing well-supported FMV opinions for even the most complex arrangements and organizations, deep proprietary research on healthcare valuation issues, and a nimble approach to client service.

Fair Market Value Opinions

Fair market value and commercial reasonableness opinions for a wide range of financial arrangements entered into by physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare entities. 


Business and Asset Valuations

Business and asset valuations for buy-ins and buy-outs, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory and compliance requirements, financial reporting, joint ventures, shareholder transactions, and divestitures. 


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Product Release:

2021 BFMV Physician Call Coverage Survey


BFMV surveys physicians directly over the course of three to six months, receiving responses across a wide range of specialties, geographic regions, demographic settings, and employers.


We collect unique on-call burden and compensation information, including the following:

  • Compensation (hourly and per 24-hour shift)

  • Weekend/holiday differentials

  • Days on-call per month

  • Average phone call volume per 24-hour shift

  • Required in-person response time

  • Average in-person visits per shift

Email for more information or to pre-order. Click here to access the 2021 Survey. 

Newly Available

Product Release:

July 2021 BFMV Pre-Owned Medical Equipment Prices Report

Based on data collected by BFMV staff for the 30 months preceding publication. 

  • Price benchmarks for almost 700 different models of pre-owned medical equipment 

  • Sorted by category, manufacturer/brand, and model

  • Saves countless research hours for appraisers, accountants, attorneys, equipment managers, and other professionals

  • Full pdf Report - available for $250

  • Data Summary pdf - free download

  • Terms of Use pdf - free download

  • Limitations pdf - free download

Full Report $250 download

Newly Available

Product Release:

2021 BFMV

Cost of Physician

Staffing Services

BFMV compiled hourly rates for physician services in contracts between commercial staffing firms and the US government.

  • Relevant for determining fair market value hourly rates for physician services 

  • Specialty-specific benchmark rates for on-site services and after-hours call coverage

  • Full pdf report details methodology and includes complete list of staffing firms - available for $50

  • Executive summary pdf - free download

Full Report $50 download

October 24-26, 2021

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