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BuckheadFMV is a national firm that specializes in the valuation of healthcare services, businesses, and assets. Our focus is providing well-supported fair market value opinions for even the most complex arrangements and organizations. We have extensive experience working with hospitals, healthcare systems, physician groups, and other healthcare entities. Contact us with your FMV questions.

Fair market value and commercial reasonableness opinions for a wide range of financial arrangements entered into by physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare entities. 

Business and asset valuations for buy-ins, buy-outs, mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting, regulatory and compliance requirements, joint ventures, shareholder transactions, and divestitures.


Join BFMV at RBMA's SYNC 2024 Conference

October 6-8 in Alexandria, VA


BFMV's founder, Darcy Devine, will speak at the Radiology Business Management Association's SYNC 2024 Conference this fall. Darcy is a seasoned certified valuation professional with years of experience in the radiology space. Her presentation will delve into the nuances of assessing the true value of radiology services within the healthcare landscape, equipping participants with practical strategies and actionable advice.

In this comprehensive presentation, attendees will gain invaluable insights into the intricate process of valuation considerations for radiology groups seeking hospital stipends or other forms of financial assistance. From understanding market dynamics and regulatory compliance to conducting rigorous analyses and crafting compelling proposals, this session will provide attendees with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of valuation with confidence. 

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Now Available 
2023 BFMV Call Burden and Compensation Survey

For more information about this valuable resource, check out our SURVEYS page.


The 2023 BFMV Physician Call Coverage Burden & Compensation Report is available in our SHOP.

BFMV Website Background 2.jpg
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