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BuckheadFMV specializes in the valuation of healthcare businesses, services, and assets of all kinds. Our focus is on providing well-supported FMV opinions for even the most complex arrangements and organizations, deep proprietary research on healthcare valuation issues, and a nimble approach to client service.

Fair Market Value Opinions

Fair market value and commercial reasonableness opinions for a wide range of financial arrangements entered into by physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare entities. 


Business and Asset Valuations

Business and asset valuations for buy-ins, buy-outs, mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting, regulatory and compliance requirements, joint ventures, shareholder transactions, and divestitures. 


Presentations and Publications

Industry Presence

Product Update:

January 2023 BFMV Pre-Owned Medical Equipment Prices Report

Based on data collected by BFMV staff for the 36 months preceding publication. 

  • Price benchmarks for over 800 different models of pre-owned medical equipment 

  • Sorted by category, manufacturer/brand, and model

  • Saves countless research hours for appraisers, accountants, attorneys, equipment managers, and other professionals

  • Data Summary pdf - free download

  • Terms of Use pdf - free download

  • Limitations pdf - free download

Full Report (PDF) - $250 download

Product Release:

2022 BFMV Physician Call Coverage Burden & Compensation Survey


BFMV annually surveys physicians directly over the course of three to six months, receiving responses across a wide range of specialties, geographic regions, demographic settings, and employers.


We collect unique on-call burden and compensation information, including the following:

  • Compensation (hourly and per 24-hour shift)

  • Weekend/holiday differentials

  • Days on-call per month

  • Average phone call volume per 24-hour shift

  • Required in-person response time

  • Average in-person visits per shift

Email for more information. Click here to access the 2022 Survey. 

Product Release:

BFMV 2022 Report: Cost of Physician

Staffing Services

BFMV compiled hourly rates for physician services in contracts between commercial staffing firms and the US government.

  • Relevant for determining fair market value hourly rates for physician services 

  • Specialty-specific benchmark rates for on-site services and after-hours call coverage

  • Full pdf report details methodology and includes complete list of staffing firms 

  • Executive summary pdf - free download

Full Report (PDF) - $50 download

Product Release:

BFMV Primer: Fair Market Value
Value-Based Care Distribution Models


For value-based care organizations such as multi-provider networks (MPNs), assessing the fair market value of payments to participating providers for their contribution to shared savings and other performance and quality - based bonus income from payers can be a challenge. BFMV's free primer defines some of these challenges and offers 3 perspectives to test for FMV.  


Email for more information. Click here to access the free PDF. 

Product Release:

BFMV Primer: Fair Market Value
Certificates of Need


Obtaining a Certificate of Need (“CON”) is costly in terms of both time and resources, and gaining approval is not guaranteed. Providers may wait months or years for approvals that may never come, spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. As a result, existing CON assets can have significant value as both standalone and contributory assets. BFMV's free primer provides an illustrative example for the valuation of these intangibles.


Email for more information. Click here to access the free PDF.

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