Hospice Valuation: Trends, Value Drivers, and Physician Compensation

This afternoon, Will Hamilton and I hosted a BVR webinar on hospice-related valuations. Hospice is a growing segment in the healthcare industry and a hot area for M&A activity. During the webinar we discussed some of the underlying fundamentals that make hospice such an interesting area for investors. We also discussed valuation methodologies for hospice businesses and current multiples for players in the hospice arena.

Separate from the business valuation discussion, we also talked about some of the service/compensation valuation issues that are present in the hospice industry. Specifically, we addressed physician compensation in the hospice setting – which is a focal point for many appraisers in the compliance arena.

If you're interested in hospice valuation issues, please download the slide deck here. Also, you can purchase an audio copy of the webinar on BVR's website here.

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