Anesthesiology Stipends in Georgia - 2017 Update

Many hospitals in Georgia, and across the country, provide financial support to anesthesiology groups. For the past two years, BuckheadFMV has conducted a study of anesthesia stipends paid by non-profit hospitals in Georgia. The infographic below (pdf link) compares the results of our 2017 findings to our 2016 findings. As shown in the infographic, on an overall basis, the median anesthesiology stipend paid by the hospitals included in our study was just over $1.31 million per year, slightly below the 2016 median stipend of $1.37 million. On a per bed basis, however, we found that stipends increased by more than 6% from $5,849 to $6,223.

Anesthesiology Stipends in Georiga

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