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The 30 Largest Healthcare Deals of 2018: Who Got the Highest Valuations?

We ranked the 30 largest healthcare services and information technology deals of 2018, according to our database, by valuation multiple. The highest reported price to EBITDA multiples (15x or higher, sorted alphabetically) were as follows: Ability Network: Ability Network, which was acquired by publicly-traded HIT roll-up Inovalon, provides a variety of cloud-based software and data analytics services through a SaaS model that simplifies administrative and clinical tasks for more than 44,000 acute, post-acute, and ambulatory care providers. Ability’s large and diverse customer base was a major attraction, as reports suggest that Inovalon viewed the acquisition as a way to expand the reach of

Top 10 Most Valuable Intangible Assets in Healthcare Services

Healthcare services organizations rely on a variety of intangible assets to create business value, including patient and customer relationships, medical records, trade names, assembled workforce, licenses and certifications, non-compete clauses, proprietary technology, software, and others. Market data related to the value of these types of assets is scarce since they’re rarely sold separately, and when they are, the financial terms are seldom disclosed publicly. One important public source of market data for many of these intangible assets are the valuations prepared for purposes of creating a post-transaction balance sheet in a business combination (aka a purchase price allocation). This t

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