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Define "Compensation" Before Discussing It

Before discussing compensation with a future employer or with a candidate whom you want to employ, make sure both parties are using the same definition of the word "compensation". Compensation can mean gross pay or net pay. It may include bonus pay or it may exclude it. It may include only cash compensation or it may include benefits, too. A narrow definition of the term "compensation", will help you avoid any unnecessary confusion. Click on image below for a larger view.

Physicians Should Care About Yelp Reviews

People put an incredible amount of trust in on-line rating systems. If an Airbnb host has a five-star rating, we expect that we can travel to the host’s home, go to sleep in one of his or her beds, and still be alive the next morning. Our trust grows as our actual experiences with products, services, and people correspond to what we read about them on the Internet. If you can trust other Internet users to let you know if an Airbnb host is honorable - it makes sense that you can use their help with other sensitive choices like selecting a physician. There are numerous websites or apps that allow patients to rate physicians, including Angie’s List, ZocDoc, and HealthGrades. However, Yelp real

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