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Hospitals...Consider Asking these Physician-Related Questions During Your Next Community Health Need

We are in the middle of CHNA season - the time that comes every three years when a large number of not-for-profit hospitals conduct and publish their Community Health Needs Assessments. (The Affordable Care Act added the CHNA requirement to the Internal Revenue Code in 2012, and many of the first CHNAs were published in 2013.) As I read through the new CHNAs being posted to hospital websites around the country, I notice that some, but not all, discuss their community's physician situation in any detail. This is surprising because we constantly hear about the shortages of physicians and the high demand for physician services. It is also surprising because so many hospitals have difficulty

Buying Physician Practice Medical Records - The Buyer's Decision Process

It used to be fairly common to discuss the value of a medical practice on a per chart basis. The practice's entire value was divided by the number of patient charts on the shelves - and that's how it was marketed and sold to potential buyers. In today's world, there seems to be a lot of indecision about whether or not a buyer should even pay for medical records. Unless limited by law or other regulations, a buyer should identify and pay for assets (at a fair market value rate) that it wants to own post transaction. Not itemizing and providing consideration for an asset may cause confusion and problems between a buyer and a seller (especially if the seller works for the buyer) after the sale.

Change is Coming for Physician Compensation Data

Back in 2004, CMS provided the healthcare industry with two methodologies for calculating fair market value hourly rates for physician services. First, CMS said that you could pay a physician less than or equal to the average hourly rate being paid to emergency room physicians in the relevant market, provided there were at least three hospitals in the market. This methodology wasn’t used that often. Not many people had access to the specific market data that was needed for the calculation. And, if you could get the data, there were concerns about meeting the conditions necessary to fall within the antitrust safety zone. Alternatively, CMS said that you could derive a fair market value hourl

How Much Will MIPS Impact Physician Compensation?

The Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is a new incentive program for physicians who care for Medicare patients. MIPS is specifically focused on physicians who do not participate in an ACO or another alternative payment model program. (A different incentive model has been introduced for those physicians.) Solo practitioners and small groups are included in the MIPS program. Starting in 2019, the amount a physician is reimbursed for seeing Medicare patients will be adjusted either up or down based on his or her performance under MIPS. Numerous factors will impact MIPS adjustments - so precise calculations of the potential impact are impossible. However, to get an idea of how much

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