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Asset Values: What Not to Overlook in a Medical Practice Valuation

I came across this picture of a typewriter on Facebook the other day. It had the following caption: Does anyone else have this in their law firm or place of business? This is ridiculous. And my parents won't let me donate it or throw it away. #oldschool I laughed because these old typewriters are in a lot of the medical practices I value. I also laughed because I would never dream of leaving a typewriter like this out of a fixed asset appraisal. To the multi-million dollar health system buying a medical practice, this typewriter isn't a crucial asset. However to Dr. Bob or Dr. Susan who started the practice 25 or 30 years ago, it is a symbol of hard work. Including it in the fixed asse

Asset Values: The $199,999 Telephone Number

How much is a telephone number worth? Well, the value of any asset depends on several different factors. It seems, however, that even without being assigned to a famous person or being associated with a profitable business, certain area codes and certain digits demand high prices. In my search for market data, I came across an online dealer of telephone numbers at The website makes the following promise: We make things simple. You can buy a phone number, and then within days be using it on whatever phone you want. It sounds easy because it is easy. Since you're wondering - also promises that this is 100% legit. On the site, phone numbers start at a

The Top 3 Physician Compensation Questions From Hospice Providers

Many different factors make compensating hospice physicians challenging. First, hospices frequently contract with several different physicians for services. While each hospice has a medical director, it may also have physicians who provide back-up to the medical director, participate in interdisciplinary team meetings, conduct face-to-face encounters, etc. These physicians may provide just a few hours of service each week or each month to a hospice. These physicians may also have private practices and responsibilities beyond their contracted work with the hospice. As a result, getting them to document their time and submit time records can prove difficult. Hospices are often advised to

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Compensation in Non-Profit Organizations

The title "Chief Medical Officer" appears to be far more commonplace today than it was a decade or so ago. Back then, organizations seemed to be less consistent in the titles they gave to their physician leaders. If nothing else, elevating top clinicians to the C-Suite, and letting seemingly equivalent titles like "VP of Medical Affairs" and "Physician in Chief" go by the wayside, makes compensation benchmarks for these physicians easier to find. In our study of officers and employees in nonprofit organizations, BHA identified 642 physicians with the title of Chief Medical Officer (CMO). Median compensation for CMOs was $284,000 per year. Average compensation was $342,000 per year. We s

What Does it Cost to Fill Physician Vacancies with Locum Tenens?

According to our research, the average cost of a locum tenens physician is approximately $1,600 per day. This includes an 8-hour shift plus being on-call until the next shift begins. (Rates vary significantly based on physician specialty.) The $1,600 per diem does not include travel or lodging expenses. These and many more findings are published in a report, Cost of Physician Staffing Services: Hourly Rates for On-Site Work and On-Call Coverage, which is available for sale on this website here. (We would like to share the report with you. So, please send me an email at if you would like a free copy.) The study focuses on rates included in government contracts with 91

When Valuing Pathology Services – A Little Legwork Goes a Long Way

After 20 years of providing valuation services, I’ve concluded that no two pathology services agreements are exactly alike. In one, the hospital is buying a basket of professional services from a pathology group. In another, the hospital is buying a different basket of professional services while also selling something to the group. It’s like a Rubik’s Cube with a zillion different possible combinations. As a result, when valuing pathology services, an appraiser must first figure out who is buying what basket from whom. The second step is to determine what exactly is in those baskets—especially the big basket marked “PART A SERVICES.” To help keep things clear, I recommend that the valu

Top-Tier Physician Compensation

Based on BuckheadFMV research, thousands of physicians in the United States individually earn more than $1 million each year. BuckheadFMV studied non-profit data for 745 of these top-tier physicians. The study shows that a top-tier physician is likely to be a surgical specialist and highly accomplished in his or her field. The study also shows that these physicians work in hundreds of different healthcare organizations and are fairly well dispersed across the country. For the large majority of top-tier physicians, annual compensation ranges between $1 million and $2 million.

Paying Physicians for Attending Meetings

Paying physicians for meeting attendance is becoming more common; however, it involves a significant amount of regulatory risk. The infographic discusses important considerations to make when paying physicians to participate on advisory boards and attend committee meetings.

Anesthesiology Stipends in Georgia

Many hospitals in Georgia, and across the country, provide financial support to anesthesiology groups. The infographic provides stipend benchmarks for 20 non-profit hospitals in Georgia. Benchmarks include average anesthesia stipends and the average stipend per bed.

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